Screen Printing

Q: Will a 72 DPI image work?

The higher the resolution, the better the look. We strongly recommend using a vector format or at least 300 PPI images.

Q: Can I increase the DPI to improve resolution?

No. Once the art has had the DPI reduced, it is impossible to revert.

Q: Which formats are acceptable for screen printing?

We accept any format as long as the image is clear.

Q: How many colors can your print?

We can print any possible color which is the standard for screen printing services.

Q: Can I mix sizes and colors?

Yes. If each item uses the same design and placement you can combine items of the same style.

Q: Can I use a copy of an image from a website to print on my order?

No. You must have formal authority to print any graphics on your merchandise. In addition, you would need a high resolution image and most website images do not meet the resolution standards for screen printing.

Q: Why vector? My file worked for my flyer?

We strongly recommend vector because it captures spot colors perfectly resulting in the same colors provided in the orginial file. They are also scaleable to any resolution without pixelating the image.

Q: Can i request an estimate before ordering?

Yes. You can submit a quote to us by clicking here.


Q: Do I get special thread for my order?

Yes. Our embroidery thread is much stronger than standard thread, and is available in brighter colors.

Q: How small or large can you embroider my artwork or logo?

We can scale to any size your require based on your design and the location of where it will be embroidered to.

Q: Which formats are acceptable for my artwork or logo?
Q: How long does it take to embroider a logo?

While some projects take less time than others, we suggest 10 business days for a new order and 7 days for a repeat order.

Q: Will my apparel be as clear as my given artwork or logo?

Please be aware that because of thread limitations, small details can be lost or simplified in the stiching pattern.

Q: Can you embroider all types of apparel and accessories?

Yes. We embroider a large variety of apparel and accessories.